Chris is the grounding force (a true Taurus) behind greenlion. He heads up all of greenlion’s installations and custom build projects. He has an innovative approach to all his custom builds. His background is in horticulture and music. When he’s not growing flowers and plants or installing them at an event, he can be found with his dog and his guitar.


garden inspired | seasonally driven

Christopher Moon

Kim is a highly detail oriented (Virgo moon) as well as a self taught floral designer, gardener, and stylist. Her background is in horticulture and photography. A forager at heart, she has no limits to how far she’ll search to find the perfect foliage or bloom for a bouquet, though no matter how far she roams, her favorites always end up coming from greenlion's private gardens.

Kimberly Lamothe


Run by co-owners Christopher and Kim, greenlion has been the guiding floral force behind hundreds of beautifully curated weddings. While they call New England home, they’ve flowered across the country from the shores of Newport to the mountains of Vermont. Named one of the best floral design studios in the country by Martha Stewart Weddings, this down-to-earth duo share a love of horticulture, innovation, aesthetics, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

 They also love problem-solving to add flowers to unexpected places, creating floral installations is one of their favorite applications. During the week they work designing, planting and maintaining a select number of picturesque gardens in nearby Little Compton. A perfectly matched Taurus and Leo couple, they each bring their own strengths to every wedding, event, or garden they design.

fun, dog hai,r, bohemian vibes,

endurance, joie de vivre, ambition, gin and tonic recipes,

music, garden knowledge, astrological insight,

rattan hats, laughs, and memories.

nap coordinators

Miss Pearl enjoys jumping up on large rocks, gazing out the window, going to the dog park and being the 'World's biggest sweetheart'. A term coined by her Grandpa. 

Miss Pearl


positive vibes coordinator

Feather loves tennis balls, treats, jumping into any body of water during any time of the year, especially the ocean.  Also loves the timeframe of 6-8pm. 



tennis ball inventory       2007- 2021

Montgomery loves sun-naps, long hikes, the ladies, very soft blankets and barking excessively at anyone attempting to deliver something.  



second blonde in charge      2004 - 2018

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