January Wedding Florals


January wedding at Veronique in Brookline, MA
www.longwoodevents.com (info about site)

Bride and Groom were looking for black, white and green florals with textural touches. Some key words the bride used for wedding feel were “classic” and “vintage” with a touch of modern.

Pictured here is the Sweetheart Table arrangement. Deep purple (black) calla lilies, mini green hydrangea, white roses, white callas, eucalyptus blooms with vanilla bean pods and curly willow sticks.
The bride asked for square black vases. I chose ceramic flat matte black vases so the sheen would pop more from the materials in the vases than the vases themselves. The shiny thick green leaves in this first picture are jade cuttings. They added a succulent feel while incorporating a deep green into my color palate. I used Madagascar vanilla bean pods for their deep brown almost black coloring and to add a wonderful aroma to the room. While I worked in my shop preparing the centerpieces it smelled like I burned 100 expensive soy vanilla candles. It was heavenly!

I added an instructional sheet on the bottom of each vase with a few simple recipes on “How to use your vanilla bean” and “Caring for your jade cutting”. Guests took the centerpieces home with them and then could create a vanilla sugar (or infused vodka with beans) and have a jade house plant to remember the couple by for a very long time!


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