Melissa & Anthony, Wychmere Harbor Club


Melissa is maybe one of the sweetest, gentle brides I have had the pleasure of working with. Our first meeting was filled with ideas and ended up where we did, a sophisticated choice of flowers that when combined evoked a modern cape cod wedding, all while pulling in loose organic garden aesthetics. Anthony “AJ” had a gentle nervousness about him as I pinned on his boot n’ ear, surely making it closer to the moment he would marry his love;)

Ohara garden roses, perennial heliotrope (smells like heaven) sweet peas and geranium leaves happy together in Melissa’s bouquet:

Melissa’s attendtants carried lily of the valley with spray roses and a phormium leaf wrap. Phormium graces all my gardens, I love them!

Centerpieces were lush hydrangea rich bouquets, blush pink accents and curly willow. Taller arrangements on alternating tables, with lots of curly willow and dendrobium orchids.



Special thank you to Karen at Wychmere, clearly a detailed and talented coordinator, everything looked beyond perfect!!! All photos by Kim Lamothe. (Thanks to Gerald Lamothe for photography support;)


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